Posted by: Andrew | February 13, 2009

Travel Coupons, New Layaway Payment Plans & Free Gifts at Westside International

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The Latest addition to the Westside International Travel site will make you smile when you see the kind of savings and deep value that you can receive by book a luxury vacation at Westside.

The new travel payment savings department on their family cruises and luxury travel site is split up into 3 major areas that consist of Travel coupons that have a $50 off, $100 off and $250 off offer. The second area consists of their exclusive layaway payment plan that allows you to make payments on your vacation over time. This makes traveling affordable as the payments don’t have to be made at one time. Whether booking a family cruise or honeymoon get-a-way, this payment feature is great, and very unique in the travel industry. The third area of the Westside International Payments Options Department mentions that you can receive a free gift with purchase and the free gift is a token of their appreciation for your business, a kind “thank you.”

Westside International continues to push the envelope in ways to make your vacation that you book as ideal as possible and as affordable as possible. With their guidance and expertise, you are in good hands and will soon be on your way to your next dream vacation.


  1. I am looking for a payment plan on a flight to Sri Lanka, for 2…please contact me if you have flights and plans that go there…952-217-1898


    • Hi Rico…sorry for the delayed response. While we do offer payment plans for our cruises, packages and tours, I’m afraid a straight airline ticket is not a product we are allowed to stretch out payments on. The airlines just won’t permit it…they want their money right away. About the only way you will be able to stretch payments on an airline ticket is to put the purchase on a credit card. Sorry we couldn’t help you this time, but when you are ready to take a cruise contact us again and we can definitely help you budget for the vacation of a lifetime. We hope you get to Sri Lanka. All the best….sharon.

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