Posted by: Andrew | March 1, 2009

Azamara Cruises Makes a Big Splash

Azamara Cruises which is a boutique small ship cruise experience is a product that was designed by the owners to compete with Oceania Cruises.  The ships are the same model and up until now the pricing has been presented in the same way as Oceania Cruises, but starting tomorrow that all changes.  Azamara Cruises will now be presenting their cruises without airfare included.  Their customers have told them they would prefer this pricing model, because so many travelers are using their miles to purchase air travel and/or have a definite preference on whom they prefer to travel in order to add to their milage accounts.  

We are entering an age where the consumer is mandating more transparency in the products they purchase as well as in how our government is spending our tax dollars, so it is the right decision at the right time on the part of Azamara Cruises.  And the consumer will benefit greatly by that decision.  You will know the true cost of the cruise portion in every instance. 

They are matching this announcement with another one that continues the reduced deposit by 50% that they began in January.  The two together are a powerful statement of value for this cruise line.  If a small ship cruise is in your future you should definitely take a look at Azamara Cruises as a possible seclection. 


As Low As $999

There are itineraries in Europe priced as low as $999 per person…that is an amazing value for this product.   We were fortunate to have sailed on this line last summer and the service was wonderful, the food excellent, and the placement of the ship while in the ports was unlike anything the large ships could offer.  Because of the size of the Azamara ships they can dock in the heart of the destination, in some cases going up rivers to dock in the middle of the city, such as in St. Petersburg.  That ability adds immeasurably to the enjoyment of your trip.

Please take a look at our website to see all the wonderful Azamara Cruise values we have for you.

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