Posted by: Andrew | March 7, 2009

Air To Alaska $99! and Air to Europe $899 Here’s How!

Wow! This is a way for you to really put travel with a capital ‘T’ back in your summer plans. We can get you airfare to/from an Alaskan 7 night cruise for an amazing $99 from the West Coast and Europe for as little as  $899 from the East coast. This is part of the latest special promo that we have received from Celebrity Cruises. And it doesn’t stop there. They have reduced the rates on the cruise and added up to $300 of ship board credit depending on the itinerary. They are adding all this sweetness to a 50% decrease in the deposit for their cruises and upgrades to higher categories that used to cost $200- $500 more are on sale for as low as $49! I know this is ALOT to digest, but we can explain all the details to you. We’ve been on over a 100 ships so we can really tell you the difference between them and make sure you are selecting the right ship for your needs. Give us a call.

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