Posted by: Andrew | March 19, 2009

Princess Cruises Debuts 21 New Shore Excursions in 2009 Alaska Season

Princess Cruises announced today that they will be debuting 21 new shore excursions in addition to the 222 already offered during the Alaska cruise season of 2009.  The new excursions range in activities such as ziplining along the world’s highest and longest zipline, to an Alaskan seafood culinary feast, or an exhilarating bike ride through the Tongass National Forest.  The new options will have appeal to all passengers, whether they are interested in the adrenaline rush of an exciting adventure, delving deep into local culture, enjoying authentic Alaska flavors, planning a private fishing expedition.   
Icy Strait will be the port that offers a number of new excursions as this year Princess Cruises will be making regular stops to the unique port. 
Brown Bear Fishing in Alaska

Brown Bear Fishing in Alaska

Here are descriptions of a few of the new excursions…we know you will agree, each has a wonderful experience to offer you.   

Alpine Zip and Glacier Adventure (Juneau) – Passengers can fly through the trees in a scenic alpine rainforest, plus visit Juneau’s breathtaking Mendenhall Glacier.  Participants will have a bird’s-eye view as they take a thrilling ride from tree to tree over multiple zip lines surrounded by snowcapped mountains.

Coastal Wildlife Cruise (Ketchikan) – A high-speed boat ride into the wilderness to search for black bears, orcas, eagles, humpback whales and other wildlife on the move.  Specially designed for wildlife viewing, the boat provides a prime bear-watching venue.

Tribal Dance and Cultural Legends (Icy Strait Point) – An opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the local Tlingit culture at an interactive performance showcasing the rich heritage of the original inhabitants of Glacier Bay. 

Remote Wildlife and Brown Bear Search (Icy Strait Point) – A trip to explore the wilds of Chichagof Island in search of the Alaska coastal brown bear – otherwise known as the grizzly bear – and other local wildlife.   

Ziprider Adventure (Icy Strait Point) – At 5,330 feet, the Ziprider cable ride is the highest zip line in the world.  Six riders can zip at the same time on parallel cables, so it’s a race to the bottom on an exhilarating ride at speeds up to 60 mph.

2009 is a special year in Alaska.  There are numerous celebrations taking place to celebrate their 50th anniversary of statehood.  We can assist you with your selection of your Alaska cruise vacation as well as shore excursions on all Princess to Alaska cruises. 

We have the double distinction of being Princess experts as well having traveled to Alaska numerous times.  The counsel we give you is unbiased, based on personal experiences. Please give us a call at 800-732-8171,

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