Posted by: Andrew | April 4, 2009

Crystal Cruises at Westside International – A Presentation Like No Other!

We’ve just finished our Crystal Cruises section on our website and I know when you see it you will be impressed.  We have brought together the most in depth presentation of this fabulous cruise line.  We have a great presentation of the crystal cruise ships, complete with visual tours.  Once you have taken the tour of the two ships in their fleet, and looked at the crystal deck plans, you will want to read the crystal symphony ship review and/or the crystal serenity ship review to see why this two ships are so special for the privileged passengers that have sailed on them.  Crystal Cruises has an extensive list of ports they visit and you will find about each of them when you do a crystal destination search on our site.  If you are interested in trying this cruise line, but don’t know just where you want to go or when you can check them out on our crystal cruise calendar.  Here we have put the entire year of cruises and all destinations they cruise to on one page for your information.  Its a GREAT way to shop for one of their trips.  Or if you are looking for more information on the crystal world cruise held yearly, that is covered fully, as well.  I know this all sounds great, but, really, this is only the beginning of the information we have for you. 

Crystal Cruises has some AMAZING offers for 2009 and 2010 that we cover on the site.  They will give you up to $2000 Shipboard Credit on select sailings to Europe, South America, Canada New England, and the Panama Canal.  Plus they have a FREE airfare offer in conjunction with the Panama Canal cruise.  In 2010 they will be celebrating their 20th Birthday and we will be letting you know what ‘presents’ they will be giving their passengers on those sailings very soon.  We’re getting that info ready for the site right now. What a year for value!!  If you have EVER wanted to try this outstanding cruise line, now is the perfect time…the prices have never been lower nor the benefits higher (alot of those benefits are our EXCLUSIVE benefits we’ve put together for you.)

AND we want to remind you that Crystal Cruises is a major participant in our Private Collection, Personal Enrichment, and Theme Cruise series.  Take a look at those areas when you get a chance. 

As always we look forward to hearing from you about our website and the information we share here and there.  800-732-8171

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