Posted by: Andrew | June 22, 2009

Roamtalk International Cell Phones – A Reliable Tri Or Quad Band Cell Phone

Making International Phone calls sure can add up. But keeping in touch with family and work while on vacation is a must, so we have put together a special program at Westside International to offer the following great benefits with Roamtalk International Cell Phones:

With a RoamTalk international phone, you get:

  • A RoamTalk Global SIM card (inside the phone) which allows you to make and receive calls and text messages from over 140 countriesA reliable tri or quad band phone manufactured by one of the world’s leading brand names
  • A battery charger with an International electrical outlet adapter (110/240 V)
  • Clear connections and a reliable Global network
  • Speed dial to 24 Hour Customer Service
  • Your own international phone number to keep
  • $25- $30 of call value
  • Guaranteed lowest prices on international phone calls with the convenience of a dedicated service provider in Roamtalk

Contact Westside International today at 800-732-8171 and we’ll find the right International Phone to fit your needs!

Roamtalk International Cell Phones

Roamtalk International Cell Phones

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