Posted by: Andrew | February 21, 2010

Leaving Vacation Planning To The Experts Is a Good Thing…Even For a Travel Agency

You see it all over the internet, companies claiming to be THE expert in this and that subject or in the case of travel, claiming to know everything you need to know to put together a great trip.  The problem is that no one agency can have experts on staff who really know it all.

More Complex Times These Days

We live in diplomatically complex times and being aware of the governmental guidelines that effect travel as well as being well versed in the culture, cuisine, and people that reside in all the wonderful places one may visit requires expertise on many levels.

Experts That Know The Globe

The front line travel consultants at Westside International Travel Inc. have spent years exploring the world, archiving their experiences so they can draw on them to design the perfect vacation for our clients, but those experiences are only part of what is needed to make a vacation plan great.  The rest and in todays’ world a very important part of any planning process is knowing the rules, the challenges, the requirements a traveller must be aware of in order to proceed on their trip well prepared.

It may be as simple as what are the airline’s rules governing checked and carry on luggage?  Or is could be a trip that involves visas, private cars and drivers, travel with animals, special dietary needs, paying with American Express points,  the list can be long and complex.   And this is where we really show our worth to you, by realizing that to build a complete and thorough vacation experience we will tap into the expertise of companies that are experts in their segment of your trip, adding their strengths to ours for your benefit.   That’s what distinguishes us, Westside International Travel Inc.  We know what we don’t know and find the answers always with our clients benefit in mind.  We invite you to bring us your next vacation to plan.

Top Up To Date Vacation Offers

A good starting place is our website, It will give you some great ideas and give you a look at the wonderful vacations possibilites that could be your vacation. We will also work with you on the various vacation payment plans that we have to offer and special travel coupons for additional saving in addition to the deep value that many of our vacation packages offer.

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