Posted by: Andrew | December 3, 2010

Holiday Travel For The Family – How To Protect Your Ride

With the holidays coming up just around the corner, we were recently reminded of why it’s important to remember to keep our vehicles tuned up before hitting the roads to see loved ones. While we are major cruise and all-inclusive experts, we are also advocates of road trips and any chance for the family to get together.

Our recent Thanksgiving get together got very interesting when we were on the road to a miniature golf spot that we enjoy going to as a family. All was running smoothly and the group was looking forward to a fun 18 holes of mini golf, when our Ford Explorer broke down during the drive. The exhaust headers or part of the magnaflow exhaust system backfired with a huge boom. She’s a pretty solid ride that we’ve had for the past 7 years, perfect for road trips due to the size of the interior. It came equipped with custom fitting all weather floor mats, some performance koni shocks, a custom license plate frame, a hard cover for storage, My brother was even able to convince me into investing in some performance improvements since we like to go snowboarding during the winter up at Mammoth… so I was able to install some koni shocks, Hawk brake pads and Bully Dog chips to rev up the engine capacity.

When we got home after a long ride with everyone in the tow truck back to the house (which was an interesting site to see), we recognized on the garage flooring that there was a large stain from an oil leak that we hadn’t noticed.

So long story short, before hitting the road this holiday season on your next family vacation, be sure to check on your vehicle’s vital signs. It could really save you from a lot of frustrations.

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