Posted by: Andrew | March 1, 2011

Hawaii Family Reunion Cruises – The Best Reunion Idea

Hawaii family reunion cruises are the ideal way to reunite! We had our reunion in Hawaii and decided to travel to each island. This would have been pretty darn expensive if we had to pay for individual resorts on each island, especially with a group of 20-30. Many relatives were flying in from different areas of the country too…

So we decided to check out Norwegian Cruise Line’s cruise offer that they have that cruises to each Hawaiian island.  This option made for a super affordable trip for each family member. We all flew into Oahu and were able to spend a few days there. We even did some skydiving!!! And then the cruise launched at the end of the weekend.

My favorite spot on the cruise had to be Kauai where we did zip lining and checked out some amazing beaches. The trip was amazing for each of us in so many ways,  so I just wanted to share this idea with you in case you’re looking for an ideal place to go with your family on a family reunion. And of course, the travel agents at Westside International Travel would love to set it up for you 🙂

They currently offer layaway vacation plans and pay with American Express Travel Points programs for you to take advantage of to help balance the payments.

Contact Westside International Travel Today ->

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